Get Ready : Household Fire Safety Plan

 5 Steps to Fire Emergency Preparedness   has a Fire Preparedness Page, as well as other information throughout, to  help you and your household be prepared in case of a fire emergency.  Below is a summary of the information you will find in 5 steps:

Step 1: Install a smoke detector on each level of your home and test each of them regularly (they can be defective or stop working). You should also have carbon monoxide detectors on each level. You can purchase combo units that are both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Step 2: (smart phone users):download the must-have SD Emergency App to get  the latest emergency updates delivered to your Android/iOS devices. The app notifies you when there’s an emergency and brings you the latest official news, shelter information, and maps. It can also help you with step 3.
 If you have not done so already, don't forget to  register with AlertSanDiego to receive emergency alerts via email, text, cell and landline phones.

Step 3: Create an in-depth Household Disaster Plan. You can use the SD Emergency App to help you create and share your household disaster plan and assemble your home emergency kit.  If you prefer pen and paper to plan it out you can print our County's Disaster Planning Guide and fill that out.

 Some of the things discussed in our County's disaster guide are:

            a.  Ensure that your family knows the location of your utility shut-off controls.

            b.Assemble an emergency supply kit (water, food, medicine) as well as a first aid kit.

            c.Maintain a list of emergency contact numbers

            d..Designate an emergency meeting location.

            e. Have a way of getting in touch with family members and others in case of an emergency     ( Consider having a ham radio to communicate with first  responders  even if wifi is down and cell phone lines are bogged down).                                   

            f.  Plan and practice several different evacuation routes based on fire location.

  Step 4:  Clear combustible vegetation within 100 ft of where you live.

  Step 5:  Download the Wildfire Guide for more information on how to better safeguard your
           family, property, and possessions.

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